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NYNE Tutorials

tutorials“May we help you?”

Don’t know the technical jargon?  Not to worry.

NYNE offers full video tutorial help.  We have built a full library of video instructions to help you navigate through many of the technical steps.  Our short video clips are geared to the adult learners.  There is no need to be a tech guru.  So please relax and learn with our step-by-step instructions video clips that you can stop and start as needed. 

Every subject is available to help you get lock and loaded for your grand entrance onto the Internet.  Even for the redressed web sites, there is always another button to mend or accessory to add.  Sharpen your web master skills with our free educational videos. 

Our software is easy for the beginners as well as easy to navigate for the advance users.   Provide with our compliments

Homework?  Need to stay after class?  No time for class? 

If you are too busy sporting around, NYNE offers additional low-cost support help for those needing just a little extra touch of assistance.   Contact us (add link here) for our block rate technical support fees.  For minor tucks and pinches, ask your sales rep.  

Classes are free to all those who enter NYNE.


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